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“The more one engages in chanting and dancing, the more he can taste the nectar of Transcendental Love of Godhead.”

People generally cannot understand the actual meaning of chanting and dancing . Describing the goswamis Sri SrinivasaAcharya stated “Krsnotkirtana- gaana nartanaparau” not only did ,Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his associates demonstrate this chanting and dancing; but the six goswamis also followed in the next generation.

The present Krishna consciousness movement follows the same principle, and therefore simple by chanting and dancing we have received good responses all over the world. It is to be understood, however, that this chanting and dancing do not belong to this material world.

They are actually transcendental activities, for the more one engages in chanting and dancing, the more he can taste the nectar of transcendental love of godhead.
----A C Bhaktivedanta swami Srila Prabhupada--- CC-Adi-Ch7 Text 22 purport.


No one will disagree to partake in a function where good singing , dancing and refreshment are administered.

Lord Caitanya Maha Prabhu has taught the lesson for preaching the transcendental message through singing and dancing and refreshment. As such 50% of our income may be spent for this purpose . In this fallen age of quarrel and dissension, if only the leading and wealthy persons of society agree to spend fifty percent of their income in the service of the Lord, as it is taught by Lord Caitanya Maha Prabhu, there is absolute certainly of converting this hell of pandemonium to the transcendental abode of the Lord. No one will disagree to partake in a function where good singing , dancing and refreshment are administered. Everyone will attend such a function, and everyone is sure to feel individually the transcendental presence of Lord. This alone will help the attendant associate with the Lord and there by purify himself in spiritual realization.
-----Srila Prabhupada -- SB 1-5-36 purport

My dear child , continue dancing - -

My dear child , continue dancing and performing Sankirtan My dear child, continue dancing, chanting and performing Sankirtan in association with devotees. Further more ,go out and preach the value of chanting Krishna-nama ,for by this process you will be able to deliver all fallen souls. -- Adi 7.92. This verse of Caitanya Caritamrta is very important. You see, the spiritual master says that the disciples just go out, dance , chant and perform sankirtan. This activity of sankirtan ,which all of you are performing is a very elevated activity. In the same caitanya caritamrtam it is said that , the whole universe is thankful to the Panca Tattva. Because the Panca Tattva did Sankirtan all over the planet .
-----H H Gopal Krishna Goswami--`Krishna - The Source of Happiness.`

Dance for the Pleasure of the Lord.

Further he said in his `Divine vision ` book : we should dance for the pleasure of the Lord . We eat only krishna prasad ,then dance and perform kirtan , so we will not become over weight. If you eat krishna prasad and don`t dance in kirtan then you may become overweight like the other Americans . Sometime devotees say but I don`t feel like dancing. Once someone told Srila Prabhupada I don`t feel like dancing. Srila Prabhupada said , you should still dance . The point is that we should dance for the pleasure of the Lord.
-----H H Gopal Krishna Goswami -- ` Divine Vision `

How to dance for the Lord ?

Purpose of dancing

Now Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu has also taught us how to perform kirtan as well as,our kirtan should not simply be a dance. We should know that the purpose of dancing is to express our devotion to God. Every movement of our arms ,every movement of our legs ,every movement of our heads ,every part of our body. It`s to dance ,but it is to dance as a way of gracefully expressing our devotion to God.

When we dance

Lord Caitanya danced with His arms raised. Extending His heart through His arms to the Lord.Very simple, nothing complicated---not that you have to go to dance school and learn for many years to how to dance in kirtan.You can learn in one day ,in one minute. You just have to listen--very simple. And when we sing wee should sing from our heart ,as an offering ,as an expression of our love. We should sing like a baby crying for it`s mother. When we dance ,we should be reaching out for the mercy of God.

Dance together

We should all learn how to do kirtan nicely together. Not that everyone just does what they want to do . Let us all dance together . Let us all chant together . When we chant ,we should chant knowing that the Lord is our heart and is listening. We should chant with the sweetest and nicest voice we can. If everyone sings like that , how sweet the sound will be ! we should also be very loud .

Dancing should be in the same way

We should sing with enthusiasm. Our chanting should enliven the ecstasy of all the other devotees in the kirtan--by our devotion. When we dance ,our dancing should be in the same way--dancing together. We should have certain formations we all follow--coming in and out . Sometimes coming in and sometimes going out of circles.Our dancing should be very sweet , very graceful--all of us going in a same motion together like waves for the pleasure of the Lord.

Expressing our devotion

So how can we give Lord Caitanya the best gift ? The best gift we can give Him is to put our life and our soul into congregational chanting of the holy name . Everything Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given us on His birthday ,we can give Him--each and every one of us ,as an individual as well as a unit , can give Him the most glorious gift by chanting together , expressing our devotion and love with every movement of our body.

Let us dance

Tonight is not the only night , but at this very moment we all have the opportunity of presenting ,from our hearts , our gift of love on the birthday of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu . This kirtan--let`s do it in such a way that we never forget it for the rest of our lives. With great enthusiasm ,with great devotion ,with great emotion , and with great gratitude ,let us chant the holy names ,let us dance ,let us unite in love of one another in the glorification of the holy name of Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Hare Krishna. Thank you.
-----H H Radhanath swami--Gaura Purnima Lecture --2012.Ref : www.iskcon.com/news. Compiled by Kaunteya putra das

The act of chanting the holy name and dancing in ecstasy is an act of grown up people.

Some may find it difficult to believe that chanting is the simplest process to refine our senses, detach ourselves from the bodily concept and identify with the soul. Rather, this chanting and dancing may appear childish to them.

Lord Jesus said, “Until you become like a child, you are not fit to enter into the kingdom of God. ” We are God’s children but too often we are trying to be the master of our lives and the controller of situations . Rather, we should accept the position that we are the humble children of God. Many great philosophers who have deeply scrutinized the Vedas and other ancient scriptures have concluded that the realization of all the scriptural philosophy is to chant the holy names, to dance and to glorify the Supreme Lord.

The philosophy can show us the way, but the actual realization comes through the chanting of the holy name. I can describe to you what honey is with words, but until you open the jar and taste it you will never really know what honey is. Unless you eat it, you will not know the taste and you will not be nourished. So the process of chanting and dancing, which is introduced by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and is recommended in Vedic literature, is not considered a childish activity by the saintly persons. There are people with a sense of false prestige, and they are fighting over dignity and honor, which is totally childish. But the act of chanting the holy name and dancing in ecstasy is an act of grown up people – people who have grown beyond the superficiality of material life.
-----H H Radhanath Swami, Archives of Speaking Events (242)


Dear members of GBC COM,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada!

Please consider the following report on concocted “dance forms” in the Pancha Tattva Hall on an emergency basis so that binding policy can be formed for the duration of this festival and all-time.

CONCOCTED “DANCE” FORMS: This year in Mayapur was the worst ever display of unauthorized “dance forms” that I have seen in any temple anywhere. The enthusiastic youth are out of control ,unsupervised. Here is a partial list witnessed by me during the Mela previous years and this year.

(1) Cart-wheels {summers-salts} in fronts of the deities. The uneducated audience thinks this is great but srila Prabhupada would be furious-making the sacred temple room into a child’s playground, a gymnasium for wild stunts-the better. Most disappointing is that no one had any problem with this behavior before deities. Though there were not many senior devotees present except maybe the singer, who would not want to interrupt a worshipable kirtan by giving harsh instruction on temple etiquette. When I asked B.B. Govinda Swami why there were not more GBC and sannyasis present. he half-jokingly said, “you bring them!”

(2) Shoulder riding: This is the second year I have seen devotees dare to do this in the temple hall or anywhere else. It is reported that one man fell off the shoulders of his partner, crashing to the floor substaning injuries. How far will these stunt attempts go, unchecked? Even if there are senior devotees present, they do not have their fun; don’t be a “ spoil sport”, a “kill –joy” , “wet blanket” who ruins the fun the young people”.

(3) “Hammock swinging”: I was standing close by when two young men picked up a third by the arms and the legs. Swinging him like a hammock in front of the deities. I immediately stepped in, forbidding them to continue with this concocted temple behavior. This does not even remotely resemble dance at all!

(4) Polish the floor with rear: I have seen it in front of the Panchattava in previous years, and I stopped them, but this year couldn’t make it through the crowd on time. Why should I be the only “bad guy” who administers discipline to the “kids”? Here’s how it goes : A large circle of men on the outside ring hold the hands of an inner circle who drop to the floor , being spun around by the outer ring, while they polish the floor with their rears! This type of behavior would angrily be stopped immediately by Srila Prabhupada. Can any Prabhupad disciple deny it? Will give the evidence below. He would never tolerate ,as well as conspicuously outside of our param-para.

(5) The ever-popular “go through the tunnel” child’s play: Tis is a tough one, bound to be controversial, as it has been in place many years now and is hugely popular. Two rows of men (and now the women are following) hold joines hands up high, forming a” tunnel”, through which another row of “children”(older adults enjoy this also) run enthusiastically . Some senior devotees may say, “aw, maharaj, not that one! Can’t you let the how Srila Prabhupada stopped a roaring kirtan with 800 men because he did not approve their dance style! The type of dancing Srila Prabhupada personally stopped was far more conservative that the youth are concocting now! The main problem which Srila Prabhupada would immediately note is that the participants stop chanting

(6) The high speed locked arms spin: In this ever- popular “game” two men (and now women ) lock their arms , spinning very high speed inside a circle of chanters . often they spin with such velocity that they crash to the floor . There is no question chanting like that , so they also remain silent . Ask any Prabhupada disciple . There is no way Srila Prabhupada would ever approve this. He would stop it immediately. Why are silently allowing all these concoctions to become the world standard now ? Why are the senior devotees especially remaining silent? It is especially important that now Srila Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir is frimly established as ISKCON’s world headquarters. Mayapur truly is the world headquarters, and whatever behavior and pratices are established there become ISKON’s world standard .There is glory in this , but more importantly , ther is a huge responsibility to keep only the highest standards in everything , including devotee dance prctices. This is proven in the famous Gita sloka 3.21. The sloka is not limited to individuals but clearly expands to the entire concept of leadership , even group , or up to the world as a whole:

(7) Lifting a man abvove the crowd horizontally: Tis is very popular especially if the man is a senior devotee, even a sannyasis! It is very undignified and must be stopped! Shall the woman soon begin imitating? Gauranga Simha Prabhu told me only the GBC can correct this, that Mayapur management is helpless to do so; therefore I am appealing to COM as the supreme Mayapur authority.

(8) Lifting a man in a wheel chair above the crowd: This is the first hear this has been done. It is very dangerous! If the lifters accidentally failed and the wheel chair fell, the already crippled “hero” would sustain serve injuries! Are you really going to allow this type of irresponsible behavior to continue?
No one stopped the men from doing this! It was just considered “cool” Now that you are informed of this mad behavior , if there is my mishap, the reaction will be on your heads for you are in charge and are now duly informed of the dangers and concoctions. What is the use of trying to raise up the new temple if Srila Prabhupada is furious at the bizarre, unauthorized behavior of the devotees?
“Whatever action a great man perfoms, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all world pursues”.

PURRORT: People in general always require a leader who can teach the public by practical behaviour . A leader cannot teach the public to stop smoking if the himself smokes; Lord Chaitanya said that a teacher in that way is called “acharya”, or the ideal teacher. Therefore , a teacher must follow the principles of sastra (scripture) to teach the common man…… How to dance properly is also teaching. Srila Prabhupada personally taught us, but now this is widely violated by the “modern” concoctions. Please keep in mind that whatever is done in Mayapur is now broadcast widely all over the world by internet. During the mela more than 1,200 viewers wa6tch a6t any given time, and they will automatically think that whatever is done in mayapur is “cool and in”. It is broadcast live ona giant sreen at the Manor.

Let me add that there are dance types that I personally consider to acceptable and reasonably diginified, which indicates that I am not a fanatic, but rather an advocate of high standards: (1) Large circles of devotees holding hands, often with an inner circle, often with two persons arm-in-arm; They may spin about, but not at the velocity of the locked-arm high speed spin that often sends the spinners crashing to the floor. (2) Lines of devotees with several going back and forth with great enthusiasminthe centre. This is fine as long as they all continue chanting; otherwise it would all bogus. There are other more”innocent” forms of dancing that do not have to be stopped, unless GBC and sannyasis more conservative that I believe the “ crack down” should be tougher yet.

SRILA PRABHUPADA PERSONALLY STOPPED UNAUTHORRIZED DANCING : This took place in Chicago , 1975. There were about 800 devotees in the room, which was allot in those days . A roaring kirtan was going on six of the Radha Damodara buses being there. Perhaps 12 Mridunga , 25 kartals, plus gongs were going full strength .Srila Prabhupada was on the Vyasasagn. Suddenly, quietly he gave his servant the order to stop the kirtan. That was like stopping 800 freight trains! The message was delivered to the kirtan leader and the massive kirtan stopped cold. This was virtually unprecedented ! The men had been dancing widlywith their first raised, two groups charging towards each other as if a fist fight were going to break out . Almost touching they would then back away before again charging at6 each others. Srila Prabhupada said “No! Not like this ( imitating them), but like this” (again demonstrating the famous Swami two step and Vakuntha way . The kirtan then continued the way Prabhupada wanted (wants ) it. In thius emergency letter Iam begging COM to take immediate action to permanet6ly stop these concoction . Laminated signs should be posted in the hall in English, Hindi ,and Benagli listing the unauthorized dance forms. Please do the needful. Senior devotees present must then assist in enforcing the strict policy.

Respectfully submittes,
Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami-2015