The 11 reasons make dance seminar in your Temple

. 1—Srila Prabhupada said; “ In general always require a leader “----Bg -3-21-Purport In Caitanya Caritamrtam said ; “ Vakreshvara Pandit was the chief dancer “ .—Cc—Ant4—11—48. There for dance leaders are required in every Temple.

2—Srila Rupa Goswami said ; “ One should learn to dance before the deity “.—Nectar of Devotion page 54 ,55. There fore dance rehearsal -practice need before dancing in front of deity. By the dance seminar , devotees are come to know :

3— Who are dance leader's ?

4-- The Real purpose of dance.?

5---How to dance in the same way--in the same motion--dancing together ?

6---The dance benefit ,Significance , and dance in vaishnava tradition.

7---How to dance in to the sound of Mirtangas.?

8---How to inspire and induce to dance others—nicely.?

9---The different features of bodily expression for different tunes and songs.

10—How to become very enthusiastic ?.

11—The Temple become unique , transcendental atmosphere.

The Dance seminar: Learn Theoretical knowledge—Power Point presentation.

-Vaishnava tradition

Learn Practical knowledge.


Make your video as documentary--memorable.

-Video of 16 dance formation.
-With Quotes ,Temple and devotees details.
-Releasing through international media.

Duration and as your needs.

a} Introductory Seminar 90 minutes
b} Daily 60 minutes X 3 days
c} Daily 45 minutes X 7 days

Further You can contact me:

Mobile : 09223476994

Trainer : H H Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj`s disciple Kaunteya Putra das , Iskcon Miraroad , Mumbai.