To  teach  and  encourage  the  sankirtana  movement ,congregational  chanting  of  the  Holy 
name  of  God ,as  revealed  in  the  teachings  of  Lord  Sri  Caitanya  Mahaprabhu.
-- A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada

My   dear  child  , continue  dancing ,chanting  and  performing  sankirtan  in  association  with  devotees. Furthermore ,go  out  and  preach  the  value  of  chanting  Krishna-nama ,  for  by  this process  you  will  be  able  to  deliver  all  fallen  souls --CC-Adi 7—92
-- H H Gopala Krishna Goswami

When  we  dance ,our  dancing  should  be  in  the  same  way--dancing together.  We should  have  certain  formations   we  all  follow --coming  in  and  out , .Sometimes  coming  in  and  sometimes  going  out  of  circles. Our dancing  should  be  very  sweet , very  grace full—all  of
us  going  in  a  same  motion  together  like  waves  for  the  pleasure  of  the  Lord.
-- H H Radhanath Swami

I hope through this web site we can able to connect the world wide vaishnavas to exchange our thoughts and ideas for the singing and dancing , in temple hall , Nagar Sankirtan , Rath yatra , and stage ; to organizing , formatting , training , and creating leaders.
-- Kaunteya Putra Das

My Spiritual journey began in Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple,Iskcon Chowpatty ,Mumbai , in 1994 .By the inspiration of H H Radhanath swami`s ecstasy ,dance , Kirtan and lecture. The more I enjoyed the singing dancing with devotees { H G Gauranga Prabhu } and just 4 round chanting and attending Sunday programme and served as food distribution with H G Krishna Chandra Prabhu for Blind school children at Worli .

My job was marketing , but I don`t want work for other .I want my own business ,as I investigated my desire ,interests and finally decided to publish a magazine , but I have no experience in a-b-c-d and no sufficient money ; but I want publish a magazine.

I was reader in library till the library close . I found some Genius saying " Boldness is genius ; magic in it, begin it " --Goethe. My faith increased. On this saying. Searching title ; the title was THE IDEA MAN , Monthly, and Registered in Delhi .

In 1999 I published the THE IDEA MAN ,Monthly , just one issue , 32 pages , 5 thousand copy published and distributed all over the Mumbai .,The articles are--

1-- Believe ,2--The best diet, 3--Running,4--Dare to dream, to hope ,5--A Beautiful girl ,{ a dream of boy -- but she wished as brother } 6 Laughter the best medicine , 7 Ideas for managing your career ,8 sprouted grains , 9 American woman and her persistence , 10 Great mother and her motivation , 11--Indian science { by yoga floating in the water } , 12 Alter the ideas and you alter the world ,{ Hirenya kashipu`s ideas & Krishna`s ideas } 13 From Holy Quran a] Motive must be sincere, b] Ready to take risks , c] When Allah { God } help ? d] When will , we get profit ? 14 - A quality revolution is on ,15--But he never lost hope , 16 New ideas , 17 Improve your personality , 18-- Ideas for creative executive.

.With in year I lost every things , lack of experience, and the next year ,in Oct ,2000 . I joined as a New Bhakta in Iskcon Juhu .Again I tried to publish the second issue , so secretly worked ; but it was failed . Then totally surrendered to Krishna. Then I was gradually attracted the dance ,dancing in front of the deity. . I tried my level best to inspire the devotees to dance like Iskcon Chowpatty , the beginning as choreography ,the devotees are danced nicely , but not all the devotees the same way. So , I decided to do rehearsal that three formations. That was ,like waves ,circled and column wise , the songs are Hare Krishna Mahamantra ,Yasomati nandana -, Hariharaya nama Krishna- . H G Brajahari prabhu , Temple president was inspired by my dance and he allowed me to use notice board for dance rehearsal program. Later on I was not senior enough to take part in such activities, this attempt had to stopped. Thereafter I met H G Makhanlal dasa now H H Bhakti Madhurya Govinda swami , and he very happily provided me the dance reference from his collection in laptop.

H G Udayananda dasa from Carolina—USA a visitor devotee of Juhu , danced with me and appreciated my efforts about the dance in choreography ideas.. These all events were very encouraging.And I want many dance formations to dance the pleasure of Radha Rasabihari ji. At that time I was Librarian , -- as searching all the days about dance . The devotees are told me that I am mad . I find out some things like benefits and how Chaitanya Maha prabhu danced in Jaganath Puri and how He organized different Sankirtana parties.In 2002 I received from H H Bhakti Vikas swami`s Kirtan standard notes from his Lap topIn 2003 I met H H Lokanath Swami Maharaj in his room and I explained my dancing ideas to him. He was very happy and appreciated . But he told me “ I am only singer , so I can`t give suggestion in this matter.” But his appreciation itself was very encouraging.>/p>

In 2004 I was transfered to Iskcon Miraroad , the new temple and Bramacari ashram construction work started my choreography dance idea forget.

In 2011 Radhanath Swami`s London ,House of commons of Parliament lecture , and His three questions are- 1-What is really the best of my time ?.2- How can I make the biggest and most important difference in the world ? 3--Where is the current of the river of destiny leading me ? These make me think deeply. My great grand father was a minister of Travancore Kingdom, and my grand father was freedom fighter of India , other grand father donated 150 acre to Vinobaji as Bhumi dhan at Kottarakkara. We are Pillai { Sharma} a pure vegetarian family. When at the age of 7 , my mother left ,and father left when I am 12 years old , by my maternal grand mother`s support I graduated in commerce { Bcom }. As a thought I decided to work on my desired field .

In 2012 I was expressed my desire of choreography to H G Ekalavya Prabhu and he commented that “ I am very interested in singing and dancing “ and encouraged me to help in dance formation . My Guru Maharaj H H Gopal Krishna Goswami mentioned His book ` Krishna the source of Happiness ` ; the Chapter begin ` The Glories of Sankirtan Yajna ` Naco , gao , bhakta-sange kara sankirtana Krsna nama upadesi tara sarva –jana . Translation : My dear child , continue dancing , chanting and performing sankirtan in association with devotees. Furthermore , go out and preach the value of chanting Krishna-nama , for by this process you will be able to deliver all fallen souls. —--Cc Adi 7-92.This verse of Caitanya Caritamrta is very important. You see, the spiritual master says that the disciples just go out, dance ,chant and perform sankirtan .This activity of sankirtan which all of you are performing is a very elevated activity. In the same Caitanya-Caritamrta it is said that the whole universe is thankful to the Panca Tattva . Because the Panca Tattva did Sankirtan all over the planet. In 2012 H H Radhanath Swami`s Gaura Purnima lecture specially about dance and I was influenced and motivated to work about that dance become a project. In 2013 ,I published as www.harekrishnadance.com But the demo video of 16 dance formations are bending..

In 2014 Iskcon Juhu `s ITV H G Hari das said , I like your dance , you arrange every things and inform me a week before ,we will do video. Due to lack of harmony the devotees ,Hall , Camera man ,--till bending.Power point Presentation done in the following temples ISKCON Mayapur at Panchtattva extention with chef Guest H H Candra mauli swami , ISKCON New Delhi Sant nagar , Iskcon Nioda and Ujjain.

I hope through this web site we would be able to connect the world wide vaishnavas to exchange their thoughts and ideas about the singing and dancing ,---- in Temple hall , Nagar Sankirtan , Rath yatra ,Stage and The Masses. To organize , to train and to make dance leadership.I hope by this web site may the devotees get motivation to dance in same way dancing together with discipline to please Lord.Hare Krishna.Your`s in desire of dance in the same way dancing together.

Everyone who is interested to support us kindly feel free to contact us.

Hare  Krishna.

Kaunteya  Putra  Das
Your's in desire of dance in the same way dancing togather.
Iskcon Miraroad ,Mumbai