Vaishnava Tradition :

Rhythmically dancing
When this refrain was loudly sung by Svarupa Damodara Sri Caitanya mahaprabhu again began rhythmically dancing in transcendental bliss.
-------CC Madhya – ch – 13 – text 114

Dance in circle like a wheel
When Sri chaintanya Mahaprabhu danced and jumped high roaring like thunder and moving in a circle like a wheel, he appeared like a circling fire brand.
-------CC Madhya Ch -13 – Text 82

Lord Inspired all the devotees to dance
The Lord  performed kirtana  for  some  time  and  through  his own  endeavour,  inspired  all  the  devotes  to dance.
-------CC  Madhya – ch 13 - Text 71

Claps and dance
From the body of any person who claps and dance before the deities, showing manifestation of ecstasy, all the birds of sinful activities fly away upward.
-----Nectar  of  devotion--  Page 75

The different features of bodily expression
A person is in a jubilant spirit, who feels profound devotional ecstasy while dancing before me and who manifests different  features of bodily expression can burn away all the accumulated sinful reactions he has stocked up for many , many thousands of years.
------Nectar  of  devotion --Page 75

Dance to the sounds of Mirdangas
Performers would dance and sing to the sound of mirdangas-
.-----SB -10- 70- 20 purport

Waving shawl
Srutadeva received Lord Acyuta into his home with as much enthusiasm as that shown by King Bhulaasva.. After bowing down to the Lord and the sages ,Srutadeva began to dance with great Joy , waving his shawl.
-----SB 10—86--38 .

Lord organized Harinam Sankirtana in Jaganath puri:
Caitanya Mahaprabhu danced in the middle Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu  divided the sankirtana into four chanting parties. In each group there were eight mirdangas and thirty two pairs of karatalas and while they began simultaneously chanting the holy name of the Lord, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu danced in the middle as soon as the simultaneous vibrations of the combined sankirtana resounded all good fortune was immediately awakened and the sound projected throughout the fourteen worlds.

From very beginning everyone become over flooded with ecstatic love , and all  the  residents  of Janganth Puri came running whoever came there and  witnessed the Lord’s sankirtana performance become highly astonished and everyone agreed that never before had they seen such chanting ,  dancing and exhibition of ecstatic love of God.

After circumambulating  the temple, the Lord stopped for a while ,and as all four parties chanted very loudly. He danced ,  jumping high. Then  , after having danced for a long time the Lord stood still and ordered four great personalities to begin dancing.

Thereafter , as Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acharya, Vakreshwar Pandita and Shrivasa Thakura danced in each of the four sankirtan parties, the lord watched them while standing in the middle. At this time Sri Caitanya Maha Prahu performed a miracle for on all sides , each of the four dancer perceived that he was looking directly at him. Lord manifested himself in the way because of his great eagerness to see the dancing of all four great personalities at once. Lord watched the dancing everyone saw him to be facing them directly.

When some one come nearly while dancing. Lord would tightly embrace him and upon seeing this wonderful display embrace him and upon seeing this wonderful display of transcendental ecstasy , all the residents of Jaganath Puri floated in the great ocean of the love of god .
--- Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu --page 178 and 195.


Caitanya Maha Prabhu organized four sankirtana parties besides these four parties there was three other parties from Kulina grama,Santi pura and Khanda:

Party ---------1
Chief singer---------------:Swarop Damodar
Respond singers-----------:Damodar pandit, Narayana, Govinda Datta, Raghava pandit , Sri Govind Nanda.
Dancer----------:Advita Acariya
Mrdanga players-------: Two ------------

Party ---------2
Chief singer---------------: Srivas Thakur
Respond singers-----------: Ganga das , Hari das , Sriman ,Subha Nandan ,
Sri Rama Pandit.
Dancer----------: Nityananda Prabhu
Mrdanga players-----------: Two --------------  

Party ---------3
Chief singer-------------: Mukunda das
Respond singers-----------: Vasudeva , Gopinath , Murari , Sri kanth , Vallabha sena .
Dancer----------: Haridas Thakur
Mrdanga players-----------: Two ---------------------- 

Party ---------4
4 Chief singer ---------------: Govinda Gosh
Respond singer-------------: younger Haridas , Vishnu das , Raghava
Madhava gosh , Vasudeva Gosh.
Dancer------------: Vakreshwar Pandit
Mrdanga player-----------: Two { not mentioned the name }  

Kulina grama

Party ---------5
Respond singer-----------: --------------
Dancer------------: Ramananda , Satyaraja
Mrdanga player-----------: Two ----------------

Santi Pura

Party ---------6
Chief singer -----------------: --------------------
Respond singer-----------: ------------
Dancer------------: Acyutananda { Advita Acariya`s son }
Mrdanga player-----------: Two ----------------


Party ---------7
Chief singer -----------------: ----------------------
Respond singer-------------: ----------------------
Dancer------------: Narahari Prabhu , Raghunandan
Mrdanga player-----------: Two -----------

 Four of these parties chanted in front of Lord Jaganath , two were on either side and another party remained at the rear. The combined sound of the chanting along with the fourteen mridangas became tumultuous causing all of the devotees to practically became mad .
-----------Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu-------------page 195